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Physiology: Modify 4 Excellence

“Devils can be driven out of the heart by the touch of a hand or a mouth”

–Tennessee Williams


One way to get yourself into a state that supports your achieving any outcome is to act “as if” you were already there. Acting “as if” is most effective when you put your physiology in the state you’d be in if you were already effective. Physiology is the most powerful tool we have for instantly producing dynamic results. There’s no powerful action without powerful physiology.


“If you would be powerful, pretend to be powerful”


If you adopt a vital, dynamic, excited physiology, you automatically adopt the same kind of state. The biggest leverage we have in any situation is physiology, because it works so fast, and IT WORKS WITHOUT FAIL! Physiology and internal representations are totally linked. If you change one, you instantly change the other. If you change your physiology, that is, your posture, your breathing patterns, your muscle tension, your tonality, you instantly change your internal representations and your state.


“There is no mind, there is only body”, “There is no body, there is only mind”

– Anthony Robbins


When your physiology runs down, the positive energy of your state runs down. When your physiology brightens and intensifies, your state does the same thing. There are two ways to change state, by changing internal representations or by changing physiology. So if you want to change your state in an instant, what do you do? ZAP! You change your physiology. That is your breathing, your posture, your facial expression, the quality of your movement, and so on.


Everything that scientists are finding today emphasizes one thing: sickness and health, vitality and depression are often decisions. They’re things we can decide to do with our physiology. They are usually not conscious decisions, but they’re decisions anyways.




It is not hard to visualize depressed people. They always walk with their eyes down. They drop their shoulders. They take weak, shallow breaths. They do all the things that put their body in a depressed physiology. The exciting thing is that you can just easily create the result called ecstasy by changing your physiology in certain specific ways.


If you stand up straight, if you throw your shoulders back, if you breathe deeply from your chest, if you look upward, if you put yourself in a resourceful physiology, you can’t be depressed. Try it yourself. Stand up tall, throw your shoulders back, breathe deeply, look up, move your body. See if you can feel depressed in that posture. You’ll find that it’s almost impossible. Instead, your brain is getting a message from your physiology to be alert and vital and resourceful. And that’s what it becomes.


Remember, all human behaviour is the result of the state we’re in. When we feel strong and resourceful, we will attempt things we never would if we felt scared, weak, and tired. The same is true with. If you work out hard and you’re short of breath and you keep saying to yourself how tired you are or how far you’ve run, you will indulge in a physiology, like sitting down or panting, that supports that communication. However, even though you’re out of breath, you consciously stand upright and direct your breathing into a normal rate, you will feel recovered in a matter of moments.


Studies show that when people get depressed, their immune systems follow suit and become less efficient, their white blood cell count drops. The studies look at the way our facial expressions affect the way we feel good or laugh when we’re in good spirits. Rather, smiling and laughing set off biological processes that, in fact, make us feel good. They increase the flow of blood to the brain and change the level of oxygen, the level of stimulation of the neurotransmitters. The same thing happens with other expressions. Put your facial expression in the physiology of fear or anger or disgust or surprise, and that’s what you’ll feel.


“Our bodies are our gardens…our wills are gardeners” – William Shakespeare


If your body is working at peak levels, your brain will work more effectively as well. The better you use your body, the better your brain is going to work. Developing congruity is a major key to personal power. When you’re communicating, your empathy in your words, your voice, your breathing has to match and show, only then you’re giving clear signals to your brain that it is what you want to produce. Your mind will respond accordingly.


Congruent states are what we all want to move toward, and the biggest step you can take is to be sure you’re in a fir, decisive, congruent physiology. If your words and your body don’t match up, you’re not going to be totally effective.

If you were to model a world-class runner’s belief systems, mental syntax, and physiology, does that mean you, too, would be able to run a mile in less than four minutes shortly after modelling him? Of course not. You are not modelling the person exactly, because you have not developed the same consistent messages to your nervous system as he has through consistent practice. It’s important to note that some strategies require a level of physiological development or programming that you do not yet have.


You may have modelled the world’s greatest baker, but if you try to bake his recipe in an oven that only gets up to 225 degrees, while his goes to 666, you are not going to produce the same result. However, by using his recipe, you can maximize the result you get even with your oven! And if you model the way he got his oven to increase its output over the years, you can create the same result if you’re willing to pay the right price.


Why do people take drugs, drink alcohol, overeat and smoke cigarettes? They are all indirect attempts to change states of mind through physiology. Remember, in any cybernetic loop, the individual who has the most choice is in control. The people with the most choices are the ones most in charge. Modelling is about creating possibility. And there’s no faster, more dynamic way than through physiology..

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