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People who are able to produce outstanding results consistently produce a set of specific actions, both mental and physical. If we produce the same actions, we will create the same or similar results. However, there is another factor that affects the results, THE SYNTAX OF ACTION. The way we order the actions can make a huge difference in the kind of results we produce.

What’s the difference between “The dog bit Jim” and “Jim beat the dog”? The words are exactly the same. The difference is syntax, the way they’re arranged. The meaning of the experience is determined by the order of the signals provided to the brain. The same stimuli are involved, the same words, yet the meaning is different. This is critical to understand if we are effectively to model the results of successful people. The order in which things are presented causes them to register in the brain in a specific way. It’s like the commands to a computer. If you program the commands in the right order, the computer will use all of its capabilities and produce the result you desire. If you program the correct commands in a different order, you will not get the outcome you wish.

You have a strategy for producing just about anything in life. If you discover what your strategy for love, health and wealth is, for example, you can trigger that state at will. If you discover what actions you take, and in what order, to make a decision, then if you’re indecisive, you can become decisive in a matter of moments. You will know which keys to hit and how to produce the results you want in your internal biocomputer.

If you find people who already have financial success or fulfilling relationships, you just need to discover their strategy and apply it to produce similar results and save tremendous amounts of time and effort. This is the power of modelling. You don’t have to labor for years to do it.

Strategies are like the combination to the vault of your brain’s resources. Even if you know the numbers, if you don’t use them in the right sequence, you won’t be able to open the lock. However, if you get the right numbers and the right sequence, the lock will open everytime.

What are the building blocks of syntax? Our senses. We deal with sensory inputs on two levels, the internal and external. Syntax is the way we put together the blocks of what we experience externally and what we represent to ourselves internally.

Just as there’s a way to form a DNA molecule or a way to build a bridge, there’s a syntax that’s best for every task, a strategy that people can consistently use to produce the results they want.

If you ask for almost anything in the world the right way, with enough conviction and enough commitment, you’ll get it. Some things take great conviction and energy to pursue, you can get them, though you really have to work at them. But strategies are easy. You can elicit a person’s strategies in a matter of minutes.


By Daniel Rajasena

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